What is Sentiment Shifts?

Bull markets are born of on investor pessimism, grow on skepticism, mature on optimism and die on euphoria.
Sir John Templeton
Sentiment Shifts conducts weekly surveys to active online individual investors. We send the survey to over 5,000 tuned in, opinionated, and persuasive online investors who are connected to markets all over the world. Results are posted on our site and reviewed in our market report. Survey coverage includes; US and global markets, key market indices, ETF's, sectors, emerging markets, BRIC nations, commodity, currencies, and bond markets. We also survey newer areas of investment, such as the Green sector, cross rates and global default concerns.
Why is our data important? Take a look at the next three charts below.

US Stocks

Crude Oil


As you can see, the Sentiment Shifts survey data accurately fore warned of the largest and most notorious opportunities or market bubbles we've seen this decade. In all three examples our sentiment model peaked or bottomed before these markets turned. These are just a few examples of the many important signals that our survey data will alert investors to. If your long or short a gold ETF, the S&P 500, or a major commodity or currency you better be aware of what the crowd is doing alongside of you. That's where Sentiment Shifts comes in. Whether you trade or invest in individual stocks, sectors, ETF's, the S&P 500 or the Hang Seng, gold, crude, sugar or corn, the Euro or the US Dollar, we can help.

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What is Contrarian Investing? Sentiment Shifts is a contrarian indicator. Contrarian investing aims to profit from a particular crowd environment where investors act on their emotions rather than reason. Essentially it is going against the crowd. The Sentiment Shifts survey captures the mood of investors, whether they're moderately or extremely bullish or bearish. We expose the two most powerful investor emotions; fear and greed. When identified, these extremes are indicators of market inflection points or major market turnings points. Our data will help identify these opportunities before they happen. Sentiment Shifts will help you to position your investments so you can enter the market near bottoms and exit near market near tops. It's our job to collect the data, determine the degree or level of investor optimism (greed or euphoria) or investor pessimism (fear or panic) then communicate it to you in a timely manner.

Our view on market sentiment is simple - its backs up market fundamentals and matters little until it's ready to shift. But when it shifts, the impact of sentiment can be massive, resulting in huge markets swings in any direction. Our goal is to notify you of impending shifts in sentiment, before they happen. This service is not the opinion of one person, one analyst or one so-called market guru. It's hard data. It's the aggregated sentiment, thoughts and emotions of thousands of investors. It's the proven results of contrarian data finally presented in an organized easy to read format. To keep even simpler, we offer one product, not multiple reports. The web site and service is basic enough for a beginner yet refined in form that a sophisticated or institutional investor will appreciate. What is Contrarian Investing?

What do members receive? Every week Sentiment Shifts conducts its investor survey. The survey runs from Tuesday until Wednesday evening. All of the survey results are released on our web site within minutes of the survey completion. No client receives preferential treatment or gets data early. After the survey results are posted on the website, we release a market report on the weekly changes. The report is called the Sentiment Shifts Market Report. You'll receive 4 reports a month or 52 reports throughout the year. The end of month report is usually larger. In addition, throughout the week, we'll post several special sentiment situations or reports related to our 4 major areas of market coverage; Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, and Currencies.

Sentiment Shifts Service Recap:

- Daily and Weekly Actionable Investment Ideas

- Weekly Investor Surveys

- Full and complete web site coverage of all Sentiment Shifts survey data

- The Sentiment Shifts Market Report

- Weekly and Daily Special Sentiment Situations summaries.

- Sentiment Charts (Charts displaying markets and sentiment)

- Downloadable current and historic data

History: Sentiment Shifts is founded and owned by Paul Hauck. Hauck is one the leading authorities in capturing and understanding the emotions of investors. He is well known as the first to develop a web site that collected earnings expectations from individual investors. This concept and web site became feared, but respected by the top CEO's in America. It changed the way investors viewed corporate earnings. This measure is now widely viewed as more useful and important than analyst consensus earnings estimates. Hauck has now focused his attention to investor sentiment, a larger and far more accurate benchmark. His team tracks market sentiment all over the world. We provide a window into the thoughts and emotions of investors on global markets, market indices, sectors, ETF's, emerging markets, commodities, and global bonds categories. Sentiment Shifts also collects sentiment on new and emerging investment categories such as the 'green sector' or green investing, BRIC nations, cross rates, and many other unique investment topics.

Our goal is to help investors shift assets to favorable but not yet realized investment opportunities. Whether you're long or short, planning an entry or exit strategy, or hedging a position, we can help. Never before has sentiment been more important than it is today. Hauck and his team are best known for their ability to clearly organize, display, and effectively communicate this extremely important benchmark to investors.

We invite you to join our service.