About Us

Sentiment Shifts collects unique investor sentiment data. There are many services that survey advisors and newsletter writers, but few that survey individual investors. We specialize in surveying and collecting the sentiment of individual investors. These investors, right or wrong, accurate or inaccurate, plunge daily, weekly, and yearly into the financial markets. They make the market tick and represent the most important and largest segment of the market. They’re called Mr. Market. Sentiment Shifts captures the true emotions of Mr. Market. We survey investors on more market categories and asset classes than any other service available today. Our team has been collecting investor sentiment and market expectations data since 1997. The data we collect identifies extreme shifts in market sentiment and major turns in the investment markets.

Sentiment Shifts is founded and owned by Paul Hauck. Hauck is one the leading authorities in capturing and understanding the emotions of investors. He is well known as the first to develop a web site that collected earnings expectations from individual investors. This concept and web site became feared, but respected by the top CEO's in America. It changed the way investors viewed corporate earnings. This measure is now widely viewed as more useful and important than analyst consensus earnings estimates. Hauck has now focused his attention to investor sentiment, a larger and far more accurate benchmark. His team tracks market sentiment all over the world. We provide a window into the thoughts and emotions of investors on global markets, market indices, sectors, ETF's, emerging markets, commodities, currencies, and global bonds categories. Sentiment Shifts also collects sentiment on new and emerging investment categories such as the 'green sector' or green investing, BRIC nations, currency cross rates, and many other unique investment topics.

Never before has sentiment been more important than it is today. Hauck and his team are best known for their ability to clearly organize, display, and effectively communicate this extremely important benchmark to investors. This novel platform is called Sentiment Shifts (or SentimentShifts.com).

We invite to join us.